Speaker Gear Luxe Black

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Hugo Boss GEAR 10W Home Speaker. This superb speaker offer a sleek and elegant design based on the Gear Matrix aestetic collection. The speaker is composed of 2 x 5W ultra high definition speaker rendering a crisp and powerful stereo sound experience with deep bass. The speaker has an internal battery able to play for up to 15 hours without needing a charge. The speaker use the latest Bluetooth 5.0. technology and offer very low latency. The outer shell of the speaker is made in high quality aluminium touch finishing. The speaker is controled with 3 intuitive buttons and features also an AUX input to connect other devices using a jack cable.

Hugo Boss
  • Metal
Product size:
Dia. 130 x 60 mm

Стоката, която добавяте не е налична на склад в София!


Потвърждавате ли, че ще изчакате доставката в посочения период за внос?

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